Cherrelle Currie | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | Junior Graphic DesignerCherrelle Currie | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | Junior Graphic Designer
Cherrelle Currie
Cherrelle Currie is junior web/graphic designer and illustrator. She was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and currently resides in Canal Winchester. Cherrelle is extremely organized and is very family oriented. When she was younger, her family would vacation in Seaside, Oregon with her younger brother and her mother. Throughout her downtime, she enjoys drawing, painting, hand lettering, organizing, shopping, playing the Sims, hanging out with friends, watching movies and youtube makeup tutorials. Fun fact: Cherrelle is fascinated with the idea of becoming a minimalist even though it might not be a realistic lifestyle for her.
During her last two years of high school, she attended the Eastland-Fairfield Career Center for graphic design. When she realized her appreciation for design, she moved to Kettering, Ohio and enrolled at The Modern College of Design which was formally known as The School of Advertising Art. While she was completing her last year of college, she interned at Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, Ohio. After she graduated, she moved back to Columbus to pursue her design career and started working at M/I Homes. She spent seven months at M/I, but she wanted a position that allowed her to express her creative side. Jordan Lymon, a friend from college, who also works at Greenbaum Stiers, informed her that they were looking for a talented individual to fill a creative position. Now, Cherrelle is a part of the Greenbaum Stiers family!

❝ Cherrelle is one of the most organized and talented artists I know. She can do anything if she puts her mind to it. She’s a master at hand lettering and painting and it’s something you should definitely need to see! ❞ – Jordan

❝ Cherrelle is a true artist, and has the drive to be the best at what she does. ❞ – Jamie