Holiday Cash Referral
From Greenbaum Stiers

As a J & D Home Improvements team member, your marketing partner – Greenbaum Stiers – would like to offer you a little extra holiday cash!

Do you know a company that’s looking for marketing solutions? Do you have a friend that needs a website? Or a family member that needs help with Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization? If you refer them to Greenbaum Stiers between now and December 20th, 2020 you can earn up to
$75 in holiday gift cards!


For each lead that results in a completed appointment
you will receive:


$25 gift card 

if your referral becomes a customer,
you will get another gift card.


$50 gift card  

All you have to do

is think of someone Greenbaum Stiers can help and fill out the form below… then:


The lead will be assigned to a salesperson who will contact your referral and set up an appointment.


After the appointment has been completed, you get $25!


When your referral signs up for one of our services, you will receive a bonus $50!

That’s all there is to it (other than deciding how much extra spending cash you want this holiday season).

To earn the referral bonus,

fill out the following information