Jamie Boeshart | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | Web & Digital ManagerJamie Boeshart | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | Web & Digital Manager
Jamie Boeshart

Jamie Boeshart here!  I’m a Web & Digital Manager for Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group. However in reality, I’m just a nerd with a badge.  I’m the proud father of 6 gorgeous kids who are decidedly smarter than I am, and I readily admit that they get their talents from their mother.  I spend my free time writing code for fun, instilling the love of all things geek in my children’s lives and focusing on bringing you the best digital marketing offered.  My ninja full stack developer skills allow me to be an incredible problem solver who refuses to give up and raise the white flag.  I began my career at Clutch Interactive, where their focus on developing websites for corporate giants, immersed me into the ever important realm of UX and UI development.  From there, I concentrated on freelancing with all sorts of companies to gain experience and add to my bag of tricks.  This vast journey through the corporate and small business jungle has allowed me to understand the importance of website responsiveness in today’s modern web development.  It is my professional goal to provide you and your company with the highest level of performance, attention to detail on your website design and stylization, and customer service.  I promise to dedicate my time, effort, energy, and my wife’s proof-reading skills, to your business, and I look forward to working with you in the future!

❝ He is the developer master-mind! I will never be able to have the patience he has while he’s troubleshooting problems for the team. It’s probably because of how many bundles of joys he has to deal with at home. ❞ -Jordan

❝ Jamie is an incredible person to work with, talk to, and just have fun with. He’s always offering to help others. ❞ -Jason

❝ Jamie is smart, funny, and a wizard with websites and development. We are lucky to have him. ❞ -Adam