Monique Meyer | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | Reputation & Social Media ManagerMonique Meyer | Greenbaum Stiers Strategic Marketing Group | Reputation & Social Media Manager
Monique Meyer

Monique is our Reputation Manager at Greenbaum Stiers.  Social media, case studies, online reviews, and maintaining or improving a company’s online presence, all fall under the reputation management umbrella.  Monique originally started with the Basement Doctor in 2002, along with her husband, working in financing.  She left in 2003, to be a stay at home mom.  During that time, she became a certified personal trainer, managed her own health, fitness, and beauty blog, and spent four years caring for her grandparents.   In 2016, she returned to the Basement Doctor for a part-time quality control position in the marketing department. During that time, she took a very basic system crafted for online reviews, and transformed it into a very detailed, highly successful, and executable reputation management program that was implemented for the Basement Doctor brand.  That was soon extended to select Nash Distribution clients throughout North America.  Greenbaum Stiers launched and Monique now leads a marketing division that oversees the social media and reputation management for our clients.  The same successful program that was used for the Basement Doctor, is now implemented for Greenbaum Stiers clients throughout North America.  Monique is goal oriented, organized, a pragmatic thinker, reliable, and punctual.  She holds her team accountable for their work, because she takes reputation seriously, and understands how a positive online presence can bring a higher level of success to her clients.

Monique is from West Portsmouth, Ohio and lives in the Columbus area with her husband, Edward, of 17 years and her 15-year old son, Brysen.  She is a lover of music, fitness, beauty, fashion, NYC, interior design, and most things vintage.  In her free time, you will find her spending time with her family, at the gym, attending a concert, updating vintage furniture, or visiting a B&B in a small historical town.

❝ Monique is the type of friend and co-worker you wish all others could be like, handling everything wonderfully, all with a smile and a laugh.❞ -Adam

❝ Monique is extremely thoughtful and helpful around the office. She helps wherever she can and always strives to do the best work possible. I look up to her a lot.❞ -Megan