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Creating & Growing the Indoor-Gardening DIY Brand Story

Indoor-Gardening DIY provides DIY gardening products to anyone working in the gardening space. That includes gardeners just starting out all the way up to expert gardeners.

From managing fungi, managing humidity, managing vapors, to managing water, they are your one-stop-shop for your gardening product needs


Developing the Solutions They Need to Attain Their Goals

Indoor-Gardening DIY was in need of an ecommerce digital platform that could be used by anyone seeking to purchase exceptional but also affordable gardening products.


Delivering Value So they Can Deliver Value to Their Customers

Our team was able to craft a highly-functioning ecommerce digital platform that Indoor-Gardening DIY was able to use to market their products to the public. After creating their ecommerce platform, Indoor-Gardening DIY has seen exponential growth, and many more gardeners are satisfied with their purchases.